Other Services

Other Services

Corwood & Co are an innovative, revolutionarily inspired company. We don’t just offer the service of window cleaning we do much more.

We offer the service of office cleaning, gutter cleaning, steam cleaning, high level vacuuming, pressure washing amongst others.

Office/General Cleaning

We have a specialist team of cleaning staff who are dedicated and thorough in their exertion. They are very attentive to the current health and safety regulation and undergo regular training. Most of our cleaning staff have worked within our company for over 20 years and have built a close knitted relationship with our long standing clients.

We are one of the most experienced companies within the trade and we fully understand the importance of being thorough and so we take this approach into all of our cleaning sectors to achieve the highest possible standard.

Gutter Cleaning

By not maintaining your gutters regularly this can cause leaks, which can lead to devastating water damage which can be very expensive to fix and replace what was ruined by the damage.

Although it may be necessary to claim from your building insurance, many companies won’t actually pay out unless they can see certificates of adequate gutter maintenance. By maintaining your gutters regularly with us you will be helping to protect the integrity of your home or business premises

High Level Vacuuming

We also provide high level vacuuming which is used for rapid dust extraction, suitable for a range of environments.  Our system has numerous brush attachments and can safely clean and remove dust and spider webs at high level from ground level.  Current clients range from industrial, commercial and even domestic.

Fascia and Soffits Cleaning

Another service we regularly provide is Fascia and Soffit cleaning which is done from the ground using our leaderless Reach and Wash System.  The pole fed water systems have various brush attachments in order to provide a good and thorough clean. The end results can be outstanding using the correct system.  Our staff are well trained in all aspects of our services so you can trust your property/premises are well respected and safe in our hands.

Jet Washing

Another popular service is Jet washing.  We have over 1,000 repeat clients using this service which can range from pathways to bicycle sheds, atriums to commercial greenhouses. We use two systems, Karcher and the ever popular Whirl-Away.  On inspection our friendly staff will determine the best method for your for needs.  These methods can dramatically restore your pathways etc and massively transform the look of your property / premises.

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