At Corwood & Co, Health and Safety is more than just a matter of simply complying with rules and regulations - it is the core principle of how we act out and live our everyday working lives.

Our insurance certificate is available on request.

Did you know....

window cleaning max height in Cheshire

The current legal working height for ladders to be used to clean your windows is 29 feet. Any windows that you have over that height must be cleaned by using another method such as the reach and wash system.

reach and wash window cleaning in Cheshire

Any windows over 18 feet and under 29 feet cannot be cleaned using ladders without the use of ladder ties or secondary personnel support, in accordance with Health & Safety regulations.

 window cleaning accident counts in Cheshire
Nationwide accidents in the workplace in 2014
Corwoods accidents in the workplace in 2014

All of our window cleaning employees have:

  • DBS background checks
  • Thorough training to complete their tasks to a high standard
  • Complete accident prevention training
  • Sale and healthy working conditions

Our Window Cleaning Accreditations

Accreditations for Window Cleaning