About Us

We have been a successful window cleaning company since 1948.  As well as cleaning windows, we have provided local window cleaners with traditional window cleaning equipment from our trade counter for many years.  We have taken the leap into online sales as we feel we can provide an excellent service at the right price. 

Our aim is to provide equiment that we know is useful to the traditional window cleaner and those window cleaners that use the waterfed poles.  We are not interested in gimmicks only reliable and job specific equipment.  Our staff tend to use the equipment we sell and so honest reviews are provided.  If there is a product that you want that we do not sell then please contact us.  We are constantly talking to our suppliers and testing their latest innovations.

If you are a traditional window cleaner looking to invest in waterfed pole and water purification systems and are unsure what to buy then please contact us.  We would prefer to sell you essential equipment and keep you happy than sell you overpriced and unnecessary kit that will take up room in your van and never be used. Our shop is based in Northwich cheshire where we stock a huge range of products. We dont drop ship so if you are after that certain part or product then it is very likely we will have it to hand where you can drop in and pick it up.